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Hello folks, some of you are writers, so how about post a fanfic who are born from a RP?
I know that seams far-fetched... but in a RP we can share our Ideas or points of view, we even discuss it.
So how about we share that on our group? Show your talent here ok?
You can drawing too, and the warm weather is to stay.
By the way... if exists mature content rate it ok?
Hi folks, this time of the year things start to get a bit hard for me and from the others who are here on this group.
Sorry If I am not being much active, or update  Entries on this group.
My professional life sometimes give me some headaches, and work with kids isn't easy.
Despite that I am attentive what is going on the group, which is very good, and always go here to see what is happening with our members.

I count on you to help me on this , and post more Fan art, like literature or other kind of works.

I am open to suggestions and new Ideas ok folks?
Before we become trouble here.

Guys please.
Don't steal Art or Fanfic's Ideas.

We don't want Stolen Art or Fanfics in the Group.

This make trouble to for the Group.

Questions,you can :iconthe-greengoblin: send a Note about this problem.

Thank you :salute:
Yesterday when I went to msn, I started talking with :iconthe-greengoblin: when she alerted me about hackers invading our group... and other accounts...

I told her that I will write a alert on our blog, when arrive from a travel... now I am doing that!

I read some alerts launched by other members, and that left me very concerned.
These hackers use some other accounts to post pornography here... please now

I have to launched a alert as well, for the good of our group:
Don't give in any circumstances your password or use a TF password.

If you noticed that your account is hacked, alert the DA administration.
If you notice that is a account of a friend of yours alert her/him about this, or if you can't delete the watcher, so  you have to block it until this problem is solved!

Please be careful... This is a group to post art or literature, not to post terrible things like porn!!!
Or what this should be called: I did it again.I need help running this club. But first and foremost to go into that direction, this club will become a DA Group. Goes directly into my personal inbox so I can deal directly more with it. Also you can become more than watchers but members that can directly put your artwork here and whatever else groups offer. It will be a learning experience for me and if you see something that I didn't do right or something, just note me. With it being a group it should make things easier.

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